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Still Standing coming to Lillooet

Jonny Harris, star of CBC's Still Standing, is bringing the show to Lillooet. (via Lilooet News)

It’s no longer a maybe.

The CBC and CBC Gem television show will be in Lillooet late next month for five days of shooting including a live show where everyone is welcome to attend.

“The whole crew rolls in Nov. 24 or 25,” executive producer Anne Francis said Thursday.

“There are about 16 of us, and we will spend four days shooting scenery and interviews with people. Day five is our live show, which is free and open to everyone, first come first serve.”

Later this month, writer and story producer David Kerr will be arriving in town to get the lay of the land.

“He will interview many different people to get the story of Lillooet and to bring home some ideas of people for Jonny to interview,” Francis said.

“Jonny, of course, is Jonny Harris, the actor and comedian featured in the show which brings its blend of comedy and a reality TV format to small towns across Canada.

“We are still in the very early days of research,” Francis said of which aspects of Lillooet were likely to be highlighted on the show.

“We do know that we’ll cover the town’s history with jade, the internment camp and the food sustainability initiatives with the surrounding communities including the First Nations.

Francis said Lillooet has been on the show’s radar for a while now, and the time is finally right.

“Many factors come into play when we are looking at towns for Still Standing like population size, geography and the story that we would tell,” she said.

“We have been looking at Lillooet for a couple of years but could not make it work in our schedule. This year, the stars aligned.”

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