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VIDEO: Tires slashed on at least 105 parked cars in Burnaby over Thanksgiving weekend

(via Burnaby RCMP)

Burnaby RCMP are on the hunt for a pair of suspects thought to have slashed the tires of about 105 vehicles on Monday morning.

Police responded to multiple reports that began coming in around 10 a.m. on Oct. 8 from residents whose tires had been slashed on and around 12th Avenue. Additionally, more cars had their tires slashed around 10th Avenue.

Some reports indicate that residents heard the tires being punctured around 2 a.m., though no one contacted police until daylight.

Burnaby RCMP are reminding members of the public to contact police immediately should they see or hear anything suspicious in their neighbourhood.

The suspects can be seen on surveillance video.

“This vandalism has come with a great cost to the affected residents,” says Staff Sergeant Major John Buis in a media release. “The sheer quantity of vehicles involved is shocking.”

— Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver is Awesome