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You can experience living in The Grinch’s 'Whoville' this winter in this B.C. village

(via Tourism Harrison Hot Springs)

A magical, Dr. Suess-inspired wonderland will transform Harrison Hot Springs with festive cheer this holiday season.

From a Whoville-themed Village to a Cabin-style New Year’s celebration, the area will offer guests with unique holiday charm. What’s more, Lights on the Lake is a Sasquatch-themed festival.

The hot springs resort will feature light displays with the legendary, mythical creature hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, fishing, camping, windsurfing and wishing visitors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lights on the Lake

Guests may stroll along a Christmas light display down the waterfront of Harrison Hot Springs. Along the way, guests may spot everything from tall, sparkling candy canes to the seasonal Sasquatches. In addition, the attraction is free!

The inaugural lighting occurs at 5:30 pm on Saturday, November 24th. There will be a number of pre-lighting festivities including:

  • complimentary hot chocolate and treats,
  • a roving Sasquatch
  • a few other surprises.

Christmas Tree Trail

The Christmas Tree Trail starts at the Harrison Visitor Information Centre and Sasquatch Museum and takes you through the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.

Once inside the village, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of seasonal foods and beverages, as well as shop at the local vendors.

Harrison’s full Christmas event list includes:

While there are plenty of lit-up creatures to view, some residents claim that the beasts also exist in real life. In fact, there have been Sasquatch sightings in the caves of Mystery Valley on the West Side of Harrison Lake!

You never know what you might see...

– Elana Shepert, Vancouver is Awesome