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Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies has a candidate from the Rhinoceros Party

This is certainly different...

Ever heard of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada? If you haven't, now you have and there's a candidate in a local riding.

The website states they were born in 1963 which makes them now 55 years old by doctor and writer Jacques Ferron.

The current leader (or Supreme Dealer as he's called) of the satirical party is Sebastien CoRhino.

"The Rhinoceros Party has always sought to make Canadians laugh while laughing at politicians," the party states.

So who's running locally? Jacob "Turkman" Stokes is running to represent the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding.

Party leader Sébastien CoRhino Corriveau says the candidacy is real.

"He is really motivated and ready for this election," Corriveau told Alaska Highway News, adding the party also plans to pitch a "greener" Canada to voters by promising to make the winter season shorter and summer longer.

There's a total of 68 candidates across Canada according to their nomination list for 2019 according to their list.

Here's their promises for their campaign: 

  • Economy 
  • Education
  • Employment 
  • Green Plan
  • Justice
  • Canadian Heritage
  • International Relationships 
  • Health
  • Public Security

They want to make "Sorry” the new official motto of Canada, while also nationalizing bacon.

- with files from Alaska Highway News


Jess Fedigan

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