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The Quarantine 15? This tool will help you calculate how much weight you'll gain under isolation

There's a COVID-19 weight gain calculator online

With hindsight, will we be joking about putting on the “Quarantine 15”? 

That’s the question a new COVID-19 weight gain calculator is trying to get ahead of. 

“If you keep snacks around the desk and start having an extra drink or two, it turns out you could put on over 10 pounds!” wrote a spokesperson for the careers website Zippia, which created the web tool. 

The quiz asks a series of questions, like how many days you expect to be under quarantine, your snack of choice and how many of what kind of drink you rely on to get you through the day. Then, out spits a projection on how much weight you will, or won’t, gain.

While not as nuanced as advice from nutritionist nor as sweat-inducing as gym membership, it might get you thinking about how to take care of yourself while stuck at home.