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40 per cent of Canadians find the toque and plaid stereotype 'cringe worthy'

Canadians also like to be seen as polite, according to a recent survey. (via Shutterstock)

From living in igloos to owning pet beavers to saying "sorry" every other word, Canadians are all too familiar with the "caricatures" of their image.

With this in mind, not all locals enjoy these stereotypes, and many feel that it's time for an image makeover.

Old Spice and the Angus Reid Forum joined forces in order to determine what kind of public image Canadians want to be known for. They found that a whopping 64 per cent of respondents are demanding a new public image.

With this in mind, the survey found that the majority of people, or 72 per cent, like to be seen as polite. Interestingly, however, three-quarters of respondents said that Canadians are also among the toughest people in the world. So, while the world may know Canadians as peacekeepers, report authors note that, "we’re fierce when prodded." They also highlight that Canadian hockey players spend more time in the penalty box than any other country.

Forty per cent of respondents added that Canadian clothing stereotypes are "cringe worthy," outdated and downright annoying. What’s more, four in 10 (or 37 per cent) of men report that they had perfected their morning skin care ritual. Furthermore, they add that they’d never skip out on that ritual, either.

As for cold weather, the survey found that the overwhelming majority of respondents do not care for harsh winter weather; 61 per cent of them report that they’d prefer to be at the beach instead. Old Spice also notes that 58 per cent of male respondents find their relaxation at home. Here, these men say that they like to curl up with Fido, read a good book, or spend some extra time in the shower.

As for pet beavers, nearly half of respondents said that they’d never even seen one (except on the nickel, of course).

— Elana Shepert, Vancouver Is Awesome