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Arts North Digital Studio launches in Prince George to help artists adapt during COVID-19

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District (CAC) has launched the Arts North Digital Studio, which is a new instructional and production studio.
Arts North Podcast
Arts North Digital Studio's podcast equipment.

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District (CAC) has launched the Arts North Digital Studio, which is a new instructional and production studio as well as Arts North Media, a digital media content developer, syndicator and distributor.

The Arts North Digital Studio was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that many artists, cultural groups, and other local non-profits experienced in adapting to online business activities.

The Studio space and programs are designed to teach digital skills that will help individuals and groups better promote and present their work and programs to online audiences.

The primary production and learning areas will be in podcasting, graphic design, product photography, social media usage, and e-commerce. While the Studio space is now complete, group classes and workshops will not commence until health authorities lift COVID-19 group restrictions, with programs expected to start in September.

Access to the Studio space for individuals wishing to do production and editing work may start within the next few weeks.

“The launch of the Arts North Digital Studio is a heartening sign of good things to come after a difficult year that has challenged many to embrace change in daily life, business and in art,” says Linda Rempel, CAC President in a news release.

“Creativity coupled with technology and education are powerful tools that will help our members break new ground, innovate, and move their artistic endeavours forward.”

Arts North Media is the new communications branch of the CAC. It was originally created by local artist and podcaster Michael Kast. It will function as a content developer, syndicator and distributor of arts, culture, and other community-themed news from across North Central British Columbia.

Arts North content will be developed and delivered via podcasting, television, and a wide range of social media platforms. Studio 2880 social media profiles will continue to cover specific initiatives and events that occur at Studio 2880.

“The potential for the new Arts North Digital Studio to positively impact the arts and non-profit sectors is tremendous, as we are all currently undertaking transformations to ensure viability in the immediate post-pandemic world”, says Sean Farrell CAC Executive Director, in a news release.

“As COVID-19 financial supports disappear, and earned revenues and fundraising monies are slow to return to pre-pandemic levels, we want to be able to help those in these sectors learn new technologies and access online channels to rebuild, or even re-imagine brands, messages and public offerings.”

Michael Kast, Arts North Media founder says he is excited  to be part of a program that will provide skills in podcasting, live streaming, photo and video production and editing, graphic design, social media marketing and much more.

“Looking ahead, I know this space will be a hub for some of the most innovative and experimental collaborations in the north. The renaissance took place during a time of chaos and plague. We are in the middle of a digital renaissance.”