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Baggage x-ray machine still out of service: Prince George Airport

If you're flying, you will need to get to the airport at least two hours earlier
(via Prince George Airport)

The baggage x-ray machine at Prince George Airport is still broken. 

The Airport says the CTX machine will be down today (May 1) as well as a part of tomorrow (May 2). 

Parts for the machine had to be ordered and the airport says the current plan is for technicians to work on the machine first thing tomorrow morning. The hope is to have the x-ray scanner fixed by midday tomorrow.

If you are checking your bag, you are asked to arrive two hours before your scheduled flight time. 

Carry on baggage is not affected. 


Jess Fedigan

About the Author: Jess Fedigan

Jess Fedigan graduated from BCIT’s Broadcast and Online Journalism program in 2016 and comes from the Lower Mainland.
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