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B.C. SPCA rescues 15 neglected dogs from horrific 'puppy mill' conditions

Fraser-Valley-Breeder SPCA
(via B.C. SPCA)

Terrified, soaked in urine and covered in feces — that’s how the B.C. SPCA found 15 tiny, badly neglected dogs on Wednesday, May 29.

Rescued from a Puppy Mill in the Fraser Valley, the little Bichon Frise dogs were found suffering from a range of horrible ailments including painful ear infections and oozing eyes, significant hair loss and angry skin infections. What’s more, one of the dogs is heavily pregnant, and many others are pregnant, too.

Many of the dogs also have dramatically overgrown nails, while one even “appears to be self-mutilating.”

“The dogs were very badly matted, with urine and feces caked into their fur,” says Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the B.C. SPCA.

“Puppy mills and substandard breeders continue to be a serious animal welfare issue in B.C. and this case highlights the urgent need for breeder regulations to monitor this industry,” says Moriarty, noting that the issue of breeder regulations is currently before the provincial government awaiting action.

The 15 dogs are currently receiving emergency medical triage and ongoing care in SPCA shelters but are not up for adoption at this time.

“Whenever we have a large-scale seizure like this it always places an enormous strain on our resources and we are grateful for the public’s support in helping us offset the medical and care costs to help these dogs recover,” says Moriarty.

The SPCA investigation into the case continues and charges of animal cruelty will be recommended.

- Elana Shepert, Vancouver Is Awesome