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City of Prince George says it's ready for winter thanks to new Snow and Ice Control Policy

Changes include a Heavy Snowfall Declaration
(via City of Prince George)

Winter isn't coming, it's already here and the City of Prince George says it's ready. 

The city points to an updated Snow and Ice Control Policy that was approved by council in September. 

One of the large changes to note is the policy now includes a Heavy Snowfall Declaration, which is meant to let residents know that after heavy snowfalls, crews will likely take longer than usual to clear streets.

Travelers will be encouraged to be patient, drive to conditions and be able to plan routes and travel times.

The city adds there are numerous factors involved, including temperatures and total snow accumulation, that can affect snow clearing efforts, timelines and decisions about where equipment is deployed. 

Here are the following categories when a snowfall happens: 

  • Priority One
    • Main arterial roads and adjacent sidewalks, downtown streets, priority hills, the hospital area, and Civic facility entrances.
    • In a snow event, these routes are cleared first - often overnight - to reduce the interference with higher daytime traffic volumes
  • Priority Two
    • Bus routes, collector roads, and adjacent sidewalks that are not main arterial roads, and commercial and industrial roads
  • Priority Three
    • Residential roads. Residential route clearing also takes garbage collection days into consideration

You'll also want to remember that parking restrictions are in effect from Oct. 15 to Apr. 15 every year to help with snow clearing work. 

You can also subscribe on the city website to the "Roads" category to receive email updates about snow clearing operations. 


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