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Easy as pie: UNBC Shoot for the Cure nearly reaches $1,500 fundraising goal in 24 hours

Women’s basketball team to have team free-throw competition amid COVID-19

Less than a day after announcing its plans on social media, the UNBC women’s basketball team has almost met its goal for an annual fundraising campaign.

The 2021 virtual Shoot for the Cure collects money earmarked for the Canadian Cancer Society and would normally see the lady Timberwolves take the court against an opponent in specially-made pink jerseys.

In the last 24 hours, as of this publication (Jan. 22), the team has brought in 77 per cent of the $1,500 fundraising goal it originally set for the nation-wide U-SPORTS initiative, equaling to $1,157 since yesterday (Jan. 21).

“Over the next couple if weeks, we’re going to be raising money and raising awareness for breast cancer research,” said fifth-year Madison Landry in a UNBC Athletics video.

“We have a high-stakes shooting competition in the works.”

UNBC Timberwolves - Shoot for the CureU-SPORTS annual Shoot for the Cure campaign raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society as well as cancer awareness. By U-SPORTS

And they are high stakes, indeed!

If the women are able to reach $1,500, the entire team will get a pie smashed in their face.

If the goal can’t be reached, then the three players competing in the weeks-long free-throw competition with the worst shooting percentages will get a pie in the face.

Landry of Prince George, Emma vanBruinessen, Sveta Boykova, Alina Shakirova, Sarah Kuklisin and Bella Mesquita are slated to take part in the friendly fundraiser.

Since its inception in 2007, universities across Canada have collectively raised more than $1.34 million from Shoot for the Cure, with more than $1.1 million going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

COVID-19 cancelled UNBC basketball in October in order to meet public health and safety guidelines, so teams have been practicing and training together, while also coming up with ways to take part in normally-scheduled initiatives throughout the year.

The pink jerseys made for UNBC sport 'Team Shannon' on the back in honour of Athletic Director Loralyn Murdoch's sister, who succumbed to breast cancer less than a decade ago.

If you wish to donate to the UNBC women’s basketball team and its Shoot for the Cure campaign, you can visit their fundraising page.