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Elections BC has received almost 90 per cent of both Prince George ridings' requested vote-by-mail packages

Roughly 88 per cent of the province sent back their packages to date
Elections BC Voting Place. (via Glacier Media)

Vote-by-mail during the recent provincial election proved positive in Prince George. 

As of Monday (Nov. 2), Elections BC says Prince George-Mackenzie and Prince George-Valemount have respectively sent back close to 90 per cent of the requested vote-by-mail packages that were sent. 

Elections BC data shows Prince George-Mackenzie voters requested 4,652 packages, with 4,009 certification envelopes having been received by the electoral district.

The riding has a total of 34,433 constituents. 

Prince George-Valemount voters requested 4,563 vote-by-mail packages, while there have been 3,956 certification envelopes received.

The riding has 36,700 registered voters. 

The numbers equate to a 86 per cent return rate for Prince George-Mackenzie and an 87 per cent return rate in Prince George-Valemount. 

B.C. as a whole, meanwhile, asked for 724,279 packages with 644,070 having been received per numbers updated on Nov. 2. The total percentage rate is 88 per cent. 

Projected results in each Prince George riding are as follows, with both BC Liberal candidates Mike Morris and Shirley Bond expected to retain their seats in their ridings respectively:


  • Mike Morris, BC Liberal Party - 6,529 votes (52.33 per cent) 
  • Joan Atkinson, BC NDP - 3,981 votes (31.91 per cent)
  • Catharine Kendall, BC Green Party - 1,446 votes (11.59 per cent) 
  • Dee Kranz, Christian Heritage Party of BC - 283 votes (2.27 per cent) 
  • Raymond Rodgers, BC Libertarian Party - 237 votes (1.90 per cent)


  • Shirley Bond, BC Liberal Party - 7,581 votes (56.49 per cent) 
  • Laura Parent, BC NDP - 3,477 votes (25.91 per cent)
  • Mackenzie Kerr, BC Green Party - 1,987 votes (14.81 per cent)
  • Sean Robson, BC Libertarian Party - 374 votes (2.79 per cent)

Elections BC has said they hope to have final election results available on Nov. 16.

John Horgan and the BC NDP are currently projected to win a majority government.