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Health Canada says claims that ultraviolet light wands kill COVID-19 are unproven

Ultraviolet light
Ultraviolet light. (via Contributed)

Health Canada has issued a warning about the use of ultraviolet lights and wands that falsely claim to kill the COVID-19 virus.

"Health Canada is aware of UV lights and wands being advertised for home use (e.g., for disinfecting cell phones, car keys and wallets) with claims that they can protect against COVID-19," said the notice.

"In order to make claims that a UV light or wand can protect against COVID-19, a manufacturer must hold evidence to demonstrate that their product works as claimed. Health Canada has not yet received any evidence to demonstrate that UV lights can protect specifically against COVID-19."

The agency is also asking for the public's help to report the sale or advertisement of UV products that make unproven claims to disinfect household items against the virus.

Health Canada authorities say this includes ultraviolet C (UVC) products, "UVC is an extremely dangerous form of UV radiation and, although it can destroy some germs on non-porous surfaces, if used on the skin, there is a risk that it can cause harm or injury."

They're urging consumers who have used these products to stop immediately, and consult a health-care professional if they have any concerns.

Health Canada says the best way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading within the home is to clean high-touch surfaces with disinfectants that have been shown to be effective in eliminating the virus.