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Heavy snowfall back on Prince George city council’s agenda

City to consult retired snow control manager Frank Blues
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As snow currently falls from the sky, snow control will fittingly be a topic addressed by Prince George city council at tonight’s (March 11) meeting.

Councillors will be discussing a review of the heavy snowfall experienced in December 2018. 

They will be looking at snow removal operation and providing information on the after-action review that’s been undertaken since the snow event.

As part of the review, the city has decided to consult with Frank Blues, who is now retired after working thirty years with the city as the senior manager responsible for snow removal operations and budgeting.

Blues will review the city’s snow removal operations and present draft changes to the Snow and Ice Control Council Procedure, at the May 27 regular council meeting.

Council will also hear two annual reports from the Accessibility committee and the Heritage Commission regarding the past year activities and goals for the coming year.

The director of finance, Kris Dalio, will also be providing a debt summary for the city’s capital projects to provide council and the public with more information about the tax years, in which the debt repayments will impact the tax levy as well as offsets from user fees and grants.

The Winnipeg Street and 20th Avenue sinkhole will also be back up for discussion this meeting.

Dave Dyer, general manager of engineering and public works, will be presenting a report on the activities and costs of repairing the sinkhole.

The emergency project ended up costing $1.7 million dollars to repair.

Council will then have to vote on amending the Financial Plan by adding the Winnipeg Sinkhole Remediation Project and approve a budget in the amount of $1,708,359.

Take a look at the full agenda for more information about what’s happening tonight.

If you can’t attend the 6 p.m. council meeting, you can livestream it from the comfort of your own home, and if you’re too busy to watch it, you can come back and check it out later.

The city archives all livestreams.


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