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Hunting with Holmes: Check out these treasures found at Prince George Hospice Resale Shop

Hunting with Holmes - July 17, 2020
What do a 1930s christening dress, fish slippers and a recipe box have in common? (via Amanda Holmes for Prince George Hospice Resale Shop)

I love old stuff. I love stuff that has meaning.

I love to imagine where something came from. What was it used for? Who did it belong to?

I keep referring to how everything has a story and it’s so very true.

I’d like to share with you three stories that I have come across this past week.

The Dress

While we were unpacking donations for our new store we came across a bag that was labeled “Christening dress 1930’s.”

Inside is a fragile, and still very beautiful baby christening gown. It’s creased with age and slightly yellowed, yet in remarkably good condition for a 90 year old dress.

I carefully took it out to look at the intricate fabric and details of the garment. I want to know everything about this dress and how it came to be in our store, but chances are I will never know its past.

I can only hope that someone gives it a new beginning.

The Recipe Box

This may sound strange but one of my most sentimental keepsakes is a recipe that an old friend of mine (who has since passed) gave me.

It’s written in her large, flowing handwriting and every time I pull it out I remember all of the good times we shared together.

Recently while putting stuff out in the store, I came across a very old recipe box from Readers Digest.

Inside I found a few handwritten recipes in that familiar grandmotherly scrawl.

You can tell they were the best recipes because they were the most food covered, tattered and stained pieces of paper.

I took pictures of a couple of the recipes and promised myself that one day I will make them in my own kitchen.

I put the box for sale on a shelf in the store and not twenty minutes after we opened a young couple purchased it. I hope they’ve made the zucchini nut bread recipe as it sounded delicious.

The Fish Slippers

Yes, actual fish slippers.

I looked up to help a gentleman at the till today and here he is holding the most ridiculous pair of rubber fish slippers.

The fact that a company actually manufactures these makes my day!

He told me he was buying them just to make people laugh when he showed them off.

Trust me folks, it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re looking at a pair of fish slippers.

I made sure I took a pic before he left so I could share with you all. Otherwise who’d believe rubber slippers that look like fish actually exist?

So there you have it, three very unique stories that were told to me this week, by some of the items we’ve received as donations.

By far the best part about thrifting is finding your story.

Hunting with Holmes is a featured column in partnership with the Prince George Hospice Resale Shop and Amanda Holmes. You can find treasures at its stores, 3051 McGill Cres. and 1466 3 Ave., visit its Facebook page or give them a call at 250-964-1505.