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Hunting with Holmes: Check out these treasures found at Prince George Hospice Resale Shop

What do you remember most about Christmas as a child?
Hunting with Holmes - Nov. 20, 2020 Christmas ornaments
Ornaments a must for any holiday tree. (via Amanda Holmes for Prince George Hospice Resale Shop)

As a very little girl, I remember my mom hanging brightly coloured glass balls, dolls that had chubby pink cheeks and some kind of candy on a stick on our Christmas tree.

Oh, and tinsel! Thousands of strands of tinsel carefully placed almost one by one. 

I remember boxes full of presents arriving from our grandparents from Toronto. 

I remember the overwhelming excitement going to bed on Christmas Eve anticipating Santa’s arrival. 

More than anything I just remember the feeling. The magical feeling that something special was in the air. Everyone around me seemed just a bit happier. 

That is the feeling in our McGill store this week after we spent three days setting it up for Christmas. 

Our staff is festive and fun, and our customers are loving the transformation. Everyone is smiling just a little more, and it’s a wonderful feeling. 

Unpacking hundreds of boxes of Christmas decor, decorations, lights, bags, bows and stockings has taken me on a trip down memory lane. 

Balls and baubles easily 50-plus years old. Serving platters and dishes that I know my Grandma and Nana would have served Christmas dinner on. 

Cards, gift wrap and boxes that never go out of style and only become more sought after as they age. 

It’s been a magical Christmas journey this past week and I would like to invite you to please come and experience it for yourself. 

Maybe you too will find a special item that floods you with memories of Christmases long ago.

Hunting with Holmes is a featured column in partnership with the Prince George Hospice Resale Shop and Amanda Holmes. You can find treasures at its stores, 3051 McGill Cres. and 1466 3 Ave., visit its Facebook page or give them a call at 250-964-1505.