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It's like a potluck: Best tweets and puns so far from cannabis legalization

Recreational cannabis can now be consumed (legally) across Canada
Cannabis is officially legal in Canada, and naturally, some had fun with it. (via @mzmyzery/Twitter)

Well, it's official: lighting up a joint in Canada is now legal.

To mark this historic day, we've decided to be blunt and pick some of the funniest tweets from the social media platform.

Who doesn't love a good pun?! This company gets high praise.

We don't judge anyone, marijuana might not be your thing.

And this guy seems to still be in shock that he can now buy cannabis, from...the government. 

Does anybody out there know if there is such a thing as a smog horn?

This American citizen seems to be thinking about changing country? We do love our neighbours to the south!

But, they seem to be implying that we say things weirdly.

Marijuanada has a nice ring to it, no?

Yeah guys, what is the big fuss about?!

And then there are American citizens who know how friendly we already were before cannabis legalization.

Apparently now marijuana will be one of Canada's staples next to maple syrup and poutine?

And we all know how Snoop Dogg feels about marijuana legalization.

If you weren't totally open about being a cannabis user, maybe now people won't be as closed off about it.

Fast food restaurants are probably thinking how much higher their sales will go up.

Just like Dairy Queen!

How many cities look like this right now?

Don't think this is the right pot, but they're on the right track!

We already loved chocolate cookies, anyway.

Make sure when you say, "This buds for you!" you are clear what you mean; otherwise, you may end up beer and you might not like it. 


Jess Fedigan

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