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McLaren stopped going 130 km/h over this B.C. bridge

Canada Day speed trap catches 30 drivers speeding over bridge, 10 considered excessive
mclaren blue July 1, 2019
Vancouver police officers stopped 30 speeders on the Granville Street Bridge on Canada Day, including a McLaren, which was clocked going 130 km/h. (via Twitter/Mark Christensen)

Several drivers got a Canada Day surprise Monday evening after Vancouver police set up a speed trap on the Granville Street Bridge.

Officers caught 30 drivers speeding across the span — 10 were going fast enough to be considered excessive speeding, including a bright blue McLaren clocked going 130 kilometres an hour and a dark green Dodge Challenger caught going 125 km/h.

Both cars were impounded.

The speed limit on the bridge is 60 km/h.

This was the second McLaren in several days to be impounded in B.C.'s lower mainland.

Another one was clocked at 161 km/h in a 90 km/h zone in West Vancouver on June 26, impounded within minutes after the new owner took it off the lot.

- Vancouver Courier