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Numerous North District RCMP officers recognized in Prince George ceremony

More than 55 officers were in attendance

The line of police work is hard physically, emotionally and mentally but it can also be rewarding. 

At a ceremony at the Prince George Playhouse, all ranks within the North District RCMP were given awards for thanks and bravery. 

Communities around the region were represented including Prince George, Vanderhoof, Fort St. John, and New Hazelton. 

Here are the following award winners in their respective categories: 

G7 Certificate of Appreciation 

  • Staff Sergeant Darren Woroshelo 
  • Corporal Craig Douglass 
  • Constable Trevor Hurley 
  • Civilian Member Maurice Johnson 
  • Constable Matthew Schick 
  • Sergeant Denis Venne 
  • Constable Christopher Emon 
  • Constable David Bandurak 
  • Sergeant Holly Lavin 
  • Staff Sergeant Brock Linaker 
  • Inspector Robert Pikola 
  • Corporal Coralie Wilkinson 

District Officer's Certificate of Appreciation 

  • Constable Scott Anderson
  • Constable Colleen Markides 
  • Constable Oleg Poltorasky 
  • Constable Chelsie Rambally
  • Constable Matthew Young

Twenty-Year Long Service Medal

  • Corporal Holly Hearn
  • Corporal Yvette LeBoulch 
  • Staff Sergeant Brock Linaker 
  • Inspector Robert Pikola 
  • Civilian Member Donna-Mae Robinson 
  • Staff Sergeant Michael Robinson
  • Sergeant Scott Watson
  • Corporal Kevin Christensen
  • Civilian Member Marny Sanderson 

Twenty-Five Year Bronze Clasp

  • Sergeant Holly Lavin
  • Sergeant Melanie Pratch
  • Staff Sergeant Andrew Burton

St. John Life-Saving Award and Silver Lapel Pin

  • Constable Sebastian Lipsett
  • Reservist Constable Richard Meaver
  • Staff Sergeant Svend Nielsen 
  • Constable Dayton Procter 

Commanding Officer's Certificate of Appreciation 

  • Corporal Kevin Christensen - Outstanding Service
  • Constable Daniel Farwell - Bravery 
  • Staff Sergeant Anthony Hanson - Bravery
  • Constable Shawn Ingham - Outstanding Service
  • Constable David Bandurak - Outstanding Service
  • Corporal Coralie Wilkinson - Outstanding Service
  • Constable Elizabeth Karl - Outstanding Service
  • Constable Mathew Zuccollo - Outstanding Service

Commanding Officer's Commendation and Insignia for Outstanding Service

  • Constable Brian Davis
  • Constable Ryan Rentmeester 
  • Staff Sergeant Andrew Burton 
  • Sergeant Darren Dodge 
  • Sergeant Chris Riddle
  • Public Service Employee Christopher Kimberly 
  • Civilian Member Marny Sanderson
  • Corporal Ryan Grottolo 
  • Staff Sergeant Rajinder Sidhu 

Commanding Officer's Commendation and Insignia for Bravery

  • Corporal Fraser Bjornson 
  • Constable Devon Slade
  • Corporal Jacob Joslin

North District Emergency Response Team

  • Sergeant Ryan Arnold 
  • Constable Cloin Atkinson
  • Constable Duane Biever
  • Constable Joshua Cropley 
  • Constable Bruce Lofroth (Retired)
  • Constable Ryan Nelson
  • Constable Jared Sweeny

Commissioner's Commendation

  • Corporal David Goodyear - Bravery 

B.C. Police Honours - Meritorious Service Medal and Certificate 

  • Constable Steanna Lavigne


Jess Fedigan

About the Author: Jess Fedigan

Jess Fedigan graduated from BCIT’s broadcast and online journalism program in 2016. Her career (so far) has taken her to Fort St. John, Victoria and now Prince George.
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