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Office Trend: How did we not know about this iPhone shortcut?

You're welcome...
(via Brendan Kergin)

Shock. Awe. Annoyance.

Those were the feelings our office were...well, feeling this morning.

Since we spend a lot of time on our iPhones, we like to know all the time-saving tricks when using them.

When one is sitting right in front of our face, solving a problem we all have multiple times a day...that doesn't happen every day.

So we're reviving our not-oft-used Office Trend section to discuss how your spacebar can be used to guide a cursor in a message.

We all make typos in our messages. Normally, we'd be using our fat thumbs to get to the error. Instead — and we've tried this and it works — you can hold down your spacebar with your thumb and it'll allow you to shift the cursor around your message, so you can just jump back and knock off a typo in a second. It uses the pressure changes to delicately move the cursor around.

So yes, it's not local news, and yes, it's not the newest news (a tech website was writing about this in 2016), but it is great for anyone who wants to write angry messages to us on Facebook. Now, you have no reason to have all those typos in it.

Office Trend is little pieces of local or pop culture that becomes a trend around our office. Have something you think will catch our attention? Let us know at



Brendan Kergin

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Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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