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Pair of Prince George residents declared Iceman, Icewoman of 2019

This year was the coldest start in race history at -23 C
(via Hanna Petersen)

The 2019 Prince George Iceman saw contestants push themselves through treacherous windchills during various legs of the marathon.

The 32nd annual race that combines cross-country skiing, running, long-track speed-skating, and indoor swimming set a record this year, starting the contest at -23 C, which is the coldest in Iceman history.

In the end, two people stood on top in the open individual categories, both residents of B.C.’s northern capital.

On the men’s side, Rob McDougall came out on top with a completed time of 1:52:21 as the Iceman champion, finishing 1:08 ahead of runner-up Jordan Bax.

His race times broken down by event are as follows:

  • 00:19:39 = Cross-country skiing
  • 00:39:46 = 10km run
  • 00:14:16 = Speed-skating
  • 00:20:36 = 5km run
  • 00:18:05 = Indoor swimming

Jocelyn Poirier-Hardy was declared the 2019 Icewoman after winning the ladies’ individual race.

Her posted time was 1:58:53, beating out second place by more than 11 minutes and crossing the finish line just six-and-a-half minutes back of McDougall.

The runner-up was Emily Ertel with a time of 2:09:56

Poirier-Hardy’s race times for each leg are as follows:

  • 00:20:40 = Cross-country skiiing
  • 00:42:59 = 10km run
  • 00:17:14 = Speed-skating
  • 00:22:12 = 5km run
  • 00:15:49 = Indoor swimming

There were three categories in the team competitions and all the winners were homegrown as well.

The Thighs of Thunder crossed the finish line for the men’s open relay first with a time of 1:38:41.

On the women’s side, the CSFS Spirit came out on top with a completed time of 1:59:04.

There was also a mixed relay challenge, in which The Smogscreamers were victorious at 1:44:20 at the end of the day.

According to the Iceman website, all competitors this year were listed from across B.C. from as far as Whistler and Surrey.

For a full list of results, you can click here.


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