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Prince George community group wants to light up Ginter’s Meadow

Given recent moose attacks, group says lights would increase safety
Bull moose spotted in Ginter's Meadow in early February. (via Bill Bailey)

The South Bowl Community Association (SBCA) is hoping to light up Ginter’s Meadow.

Michelle Lequereux, project coordinator for SBCA presented at the city’s Feb. 11 budget meeting with a proposal to light up the parking lot and entrance way to Ginter’s Meadow.

“Last year we were talking about how wonderful it would be to have lights installed at Ginter’s Meadow as its popularity has increased over the last couple of years. It is now a go-to spot for Dog Walkers,” said Lequereux.

ginterslightsSBCA's vision for the lights in Ginter's Meadow. (via SBCA)
She says the light would increase safety, increase the use of the park after peak hours, and enable users to see wildlife and prevent dangerous encounters.

“Recently with the scare of an aggressive moose with her calves in the area the concern has grown. Lights would provide security for those arriving being able to see into the meadow preventing a potentially dangerous situation.”

She says SBCA obtained estimated costs of $7,000 for two standard lights, or $2,500 each for a hydro lease light, and around $8,500 for solar lights.

However, Public Works General Manager Dave Dyer noted that solar lights wouldn’t work well in the winter because of lack of sunlight.

Lequereux said the SBCA started a petition during the Telus Clean Up Ginter’s event last spring, which has since garnered more than 700 signatures from community members supporting the project.

She said 455 of those signatures came from an online petition launched as recently as Jan. 27 of this year.

“Yesterday, I nearly ran into a moose and calf at Ginter’s and would not have seen them had it not been for other pedestrians warning me,” said one comment in the online petition.

Lequereux added that with the SPCA eventually moving into the neighbourhood, the group would also like to see the project extend into a future project with lights also extending into the greenway by 18th Avenue. 

As far as the two proposed lights, Lequereux said the first one would be similar to a street light focusing on the ground around it, and the second one would be a directional light pointing away from the houses to light up an area where people can bring their dogs to walk or play in the evening.

“Again, we are looking to provide more safety for those using the park in the evening and creating a more welcoming environment all year round,” she concluded.

After asking a few questions about the project, city council then suggested the SBCA should meet with city staff in order to determine the next steps in the process.


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