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Prince George suspect assaults, injures police officer while being arrested

Prince George man will appear in court today (April 30)
(via Getty Images)

A Prince George Mountie has a broken hand after attempting to arrest a break-and-enter suspect yesterday (April 29). 

Cpl. Craig Douglass says police were alerted just after 5:30 p.m. of an attempted break-and-enter to a home on Abhau Street.

The suspect fled the area before RCMP were called. 

A witness at the Spruceland Mall directed police to a suspect once they arrived and an officer confronted him.

While trying to arrest him, the 21-year-old suspect hit the officer with a crutch and took off across Highway 97 on foot. 

The suspect was found several minutes later in the bathroom of a restaurant on Central Street near Fifth Ave. 

The same officer tried to arrest the suspect again, but was assaulted a second time.

Other officers came into assist and this time, the suspect was taken into custody. 

He will appear later in court today (April 30), pending charges being approved.