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Silver season celebrated for this Prince George venue

Prince George Civic Centre opened for business on Feb. 11, 1994

Chances are, you’ve likely entered this building at least once in the last 25 years for a conference, presentation, wedding, or even the Downtown Winterfest market on Sunday (Feb. 10).

The Prince George Conference and Civic Centre (PGCCC) has served not only the city and local community for the past quarter-century, but the entire region as its premiere convention facility since Feb. 11, 1994.

The building has labelled as the entertainment, commerce, and business venue, hosting an annual average of 120,000 guests at over 400 events, including the B.C. Natural Resources Forum the last 16 years, with attendance peaking four years ago when the City hosted the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

In terms of revenue, the PGCCC has seen several increases in aiding the economy.

For example, its estimated between 2010 and 2017, the impact has gone up from $6 million to more than $10 million, averaging to just under $1 million annually since 2001.

The Civic Centre is also one of 11 buildings connected via Prince George’s Downtown Renewable Energy System in decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent at 150 tonnes per year.

Other conferences and events of note include the Council of Forest Industries (COFI) Annual General Meeting and the Elders Gathering in 2005, which attracted over 1,500 First Nations from across the province.

Notable celebrity visits:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • Chris Hadfield
  • Several B.C. Premiers
  • Trevor Linden