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Someone in B.C. won blow-it-all-on-a-sexy-supercar money in 649


There was no winning ticket for the $5 million jackpot in Saturday night's Lotto 649 draw.

However, the guaranteed $1 million prize was won by a ticket holder in British Columbia.

And that is enough cash to seriously upgrade your car collection – if that’s your thing.

Sure, you could pay off the mortgage or send the grandkids to university, but it sure would be more fun to buy a “supercar.”

What’s a supercar?

Well, it’s one step above a sports car. It’s a term for a certain type of luxury, high-performance, street-legal sports car that runs well into the six figures.

Lamborghini is considered the first supercar. Other brands include Ferrari and Bugatti, although these brands are also known as a “hypercar” due to their high performance.

They are the kind of cars that give many men whiplash when they roll by. If you buy one, you join a really exclusive club that will keep you busy all summer long because there is an actual supercar circuit that takes place across North America. People park their supercars and hang out, enjoying their shiny toys.

So, yeah, adding a new deck to your home might be a more practical choice with $1 million, but buying a gaudy supercar will be a bigger boost to your ego.

The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on Feb. 19 will be approximately $7 million.

Good luck, everyone.

With files from the Canadian Press