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VIDEO: BC Ferries' viral mask signs make it to the Late Late Show screen

James corden late late show bc ferries mask sign
The Late Late Show with James Corden. (via Screenshots)

BC Ferries' new "masks required" signs have received an abundance of free publicity in the last week, but for unintended purposes. Now, it appears the signs have been gaining their fair share of attention south of the (closed) border. 

James Corden, host of the Late Late Show, highlighted the subjectively provocative signage during Wednesday night's episode. 

"A company in Canada is getting a lot of attention online for its sign encouraging people to wear a mask," Corden told the audience, "becausewell, you'll see it when you see it."  

The audience erupted in laughter when the image appeared on-screen. 

"I mean, talk about graphic design," Corden quipped. 

At one point in the clip, the Late Late show host had a friendly laugh at a producer's expense, following her delayed reaction to the image—something a few of the more innocent-minded British Columbians might be able to relate to. 

A spokesperson from BC Ferries responded to the first wave of reaction last Friday. “What imagination... if there was anyone unaware about our mandatory requirement to wear masks… they know now,” the company tweeted.

Can you spot the ph-allacy?

Posted by Vancouver Is Awesome on Monday, November 16, 2020