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VIDEO: More than $20K raised for Prince George's China stowaway cat

The original goal for donations was close to $3,000
(via North Cariboo District SPCA)

It's still a story of awe that a cat survived over three weeks in a 40-foot shipping container and ended up in Prince Geoge. 

The cat came from Shenzen, China (via Vancouver), with no food or water. SPCA staff say it is believed the six-year-old feline survived by drinking condensation inside the container. 

A Prince George auto glass distribution company found the cat among pallets, as well as shredded cardboard and styrofoam, inside the container.

When taken to a vet, she weighed in at just over three pounds and will remain in quarantine for now. 

The SPCA said they would need roughly $2,760 to care for the cat upon her arrival. As of April 4 at 10:45 a.m., the $20,113 and continues to climb. 

"We are extremely grateful for all the support from the public for Stowaway Kitty," Manager of Animal Centre Services at the North Cariboo District SPCA Alex Schare tells PrinceGeorgeMatters. "We knew right away that this was a fascinating story, but we did not expect it to go quite as viral as it did. The generous support of our donors will ensure that Stowaway Kitty receives all the care she needs and we thank each and everyone who contributed."

Goal includes surgery, medication, vaccinations, regular health check, and daily care for Stowaway until she’s ready for adoption.

If her medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals

They're now also currently looking for names for the fluffy companion until 10 a.m. on April 12. 


Jess Fedigan

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