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VIDEO: Two motorcyclists pass on B.C. highway shoulder, one offers middle finger salute

Motorcycle finger - July 17, 2020
Motorcyclist near Peachland, B.C. drives on Highway 97 shoulder with no license plate while giving the middle-finger salute. (via Screenshot)

Glacier Media reader has sent us stills and video of two bad bikers near Peachland, B.C. Highway 97. 

"It was a great sunny day in the valley, oh wait........Road Pirates... don't need license plates, can pass anywhere at any speed. Everyone else just needs to get out of the way!"

The video shows not one but two motorcyclists passing on the inside shoulder off Highway 97, on a corner right beside Lake Okanagan.

The dashcam indicates the vehicle being passed was doing 82 km/h.

The first motorcycle rider gives the vehicle being passed the middle-finger salute, to add insult to injury.

The first rider is followed shortly by a second motorcycle who also passes on the shoulder.

"Oh, the joys of motoring in the beautiful Okanagan on a quintessential summer day!"

The law in B.C. prevents vehicles from passing other vehicles on the shoulder of the road or squeezing between two lanes of traffic. 

The first motorcycle does not appear to have a licence plate attached to the back of the bike, while the second bike has something, but it is unclear if it is a regulation plate.

- with files from Rob Gibson, Castanet