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Week Three: Spruce City Men’s Fastball League recap

No more undefeated teams, Hitmen hike to first two victories of 2020

Highlights from the Spruce City Men’s Fastball League (SCMFL) from the week ending on Friday (Aug. 7).

Tuesday, Aug. 4

  • 15 - Falcon Contracting
  • 3 - FFR Glass Grays

Robbie Antoine picked up another win for top-seeded Falcon Contracting.

Jarrett and Nicholas Potskin each clobbered a ball over the Spruce City Stadium fence to propel their team to victory.

  • 12 - Sibola Electric Royals 
  • 2 - Freshii Hitmen

Norm Linton was killer on the mound en route to his fourth victory of the year as the Royals were able to outscore the Hitmen.

Wednesday, Aug. 5

  • 3 - Falcon Camp Services
  • 2 - Falcon Contracting

A game-winning RBI from FCS resulted in Falcon Contracting’s first loss of the 2020 season, meaning there are no more undefeated teams in the SCMFL.

  • 3 - Freshii Hitmen 
  • 2 - Falcon Camp Services

The Hitmen finally found the win column in their sixth game of the year.

A strong offensive burst early on helped the blue and white maintain the advantage through until the last at-bat.

Thursday, Aug. 6

  • 9 - Falcon Contracting
  • 8 - Falcon Camp Services

A pair of wins on the mound in one week for Antoine, who added a home run in his team’s second clash in back-to-back nights with Falcon Camp Services.

On the other side, Chad Ghostkeeper and Randy Potskin each contributed a dinger in the close contest.

  • 11 - Freshii Hitmen
  • 4 - FFR Glass Grays

Paul Wilson had the only home run in this match, but the Grays were outplayed by the hot bat of their opponents.

Antoine Sargent pitched a stellar game, leading the Hitmen to a second straight win.


  • 6-1 = Falcon Contracting
  • 4-2 = Sibola Electric Royals
  • 3-4 = Falcon Camp Services
  • 2-6 = Freshii Hitmen
  • 1-3 = FFR Glass Grays

The SCMFL is hosting an inter-league tournament next weekend, Aug. 14 to 16.

Opening match goes for Friday night, 6:30 p.m. between the Royals and Grays.


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