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You can now help support Prince George charities by becoming a hero with others in the community

One hundred heroes has officially landed in the city
(via 100 Heroes Prince George)

Prince George residents have always supported each other in the community and there's now a new initiative in B.C.'s northern capital to continue to give back. 

The idea itself isn't new, as there are many similar groups that occur in multiple cities. 

It's called 100 Heroes Prince George.

Colin Breadner has started a chapter here in the city and is looking for 99 others to join him, pitch in $100 each, and 100 per cent of the money goes to a local charity. 

As of today (March 28), there are 36 members that have signed up, according to the group website.

The group will meet once a quarter (four times a year) and here's how it will exactly work: 

  • A list of nominated Prince George charities are put into a hat and three are pulled out
  • Renting out a small space on a weeknight (cost covered by Colin)
  • The three nominated charities each tell a five-minute story
  • Heroes vote anonymously for which one should receive the money
  • Votes are tallied and the winner is handed a check for the whole amount of $10,000
  • The entire event is wrapped up in an hour

The first event will be held at Trench Brewing and Distilling on April 29, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. 

You can also register beforehand.